The year of Amy Schumer has taken us Inside Comedy Central, straight through a Trainwreck, and may peak on October 17 with the arrival of the revered comedian’s first HBO special, Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo. The first teaser for the new special has arrived, previewing the one thing Schumer has yet to do, which probably isn’t so dirty as you might be thinking.

In addition to performing at this historic Apollo Theater, Schumer’s new one-hour special has the distinction of being directed by Chris Rock. Two performances made up filming for the special, both taking place earlier this year on May 29.

Airing a third season of breakout Comedy Central success Inside Amy Schumer earlier this year (with a fourth due for 2016), Schumer also hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, made The Bachelorette watchable, acted as one of Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show guests (nearly picking up the mantle herself), and generally charmed the planet Earth through all of Trainwreck’s promotional tour.

Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo will air in all its glory on HBO October 17.