Welcome back to your week in TV in the most delightful format the internet ever invented: GIFs! This week's a little thin, but we've got tons of good stuff from 'Girls,' 'Veep,' 'Mad Men,' and 'Game of Thrones' -- that "Blackwater" episode was epic and you know it.

Shoshanna accidentally smokes crack at a giant hipster warehouse party in Bushwick on this week's episode of 'Girls.'

Hannah's delightful ex-boyfriend Elijah slaps some sense into Marnie. Too bad it probably won't take. And don't even front like you don't think she had it coming.

Hannah and Adam dancing may be the single most glorious, adorable thing, and even if you think he's kind of been a jerk, when Adam's at his best he's a lovable goof. Bonus: Adam is wearing a shirt for the first time!

Meanwhile, over on 'Veep,' Dan explains what he uses his guitar for.

...And Amy and Mike discuss the possibility of a Vice Presidential pregnancy.

On 'Mad Men' Pete is slimy as ever, but Joan shuts him down like only Joan can. We'd post more GIFs from this week, but the episode was too soul-crushing.

We finally got some fantastic action in this week's 'Game of Thrones,' with the strongest highlight being the explosive "Wildfire" setting Stannis' ships and the ocean ablaze. What you're looking at right here is an entire season's budget, and well-spent, we might add.

Just try not to pump your fist and the air and cheer when Tyrion delivers this line to rouse the people of Westeros into battle.

Nothing like a little drunken advice from Cersei Lannister. She's become quite the wino lately, and we're totally loving it.