'Ant-Man' is coming superhero fans. After years of rumors, Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' has an official release date from Marvel. This is all great news. Except that you have to wait a while.

Marvel's 'Ant-Man' will officially hit theaters on November 6, 2015, it was announced today by Marvel and Disney. No other details were given but this seems like confirmation that Edgar Wright will indeed follow up 'The World's End' (currently filming) with 'Ant-Man.' Wright has already written the script with Joe Cornish (with whom he co-wrote 'The Adventures of Tintin').

'Ant-Man' is the second Marvel film to be released in 2015 after 'The Avengers 2' which will open on May 1, 2015. So does this mean that 'Ant-Man' won't be a major part of Phase 2 of the Marvel movie universe? There were rumors the character would be introduced in another film prior to the 'Ant-Man' film but would it be weird to introduce him and then not have him around for 'Avengers 2?'

Other upcoming Marvel films include 'Thor 2' (November 8, 2013), 'Captain America 2' (April 4, 2014) and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (August 1, 2014). Also of note are that 'Iron Man 3' and 'Thor: The Dark World' will be released in 3D.

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