By all superficial appearances, Ant-Man pretty much looks like a standalone Marvel film — but the newest hero of the MCU will be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and it’s all but certain that Marvel has plans for Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang further down the line in Phase 3. A new viral video begins establishing those connections with the reappearance of a minor Marvel character.

The above “news preview” features Leslie Bibb’s reporter Christine Everhart, whom you probably remember from the Iron Man films. We haven’t seen her pop up in any other films in the MCU, but it’s possible that she will…eventually. Anyway, the new video features Everhart commenting on Scott Lang’s release from prison — which happens on July 17, the same date as the release of Ant-Man. She also mentions the Avengers’ major battle in Sokovia from Age of Ultron.

Early word from Ant-Man screenings indicates that there aren’t a lot of major ties to the larger MCU, but there are smaller, subtle links, like a newspaper with a headline about Sokovia.

This is just the first in a planned series of new viral videos to promote the film, which sees Marvel trying to connect their newest hero to the MCU. This first one is a bit awkward, but hopefully the others will accomplish their goal a little more gracefully.

Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17.

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