As we inch ever closer to Christmas and the new year, a number of our favorite series ready their mid-season premieres. And while some keep their new episodes close to the vest, since when has 'Archer' been one for subtlety? In advance of his January 17 premiere, 'Archer' has decided to squeeze off a few season 4 rounds, releasing 9 rampaging new previews from the coming season! We caught a glimpse of the 'Bob's Burgers' parody, but what other spy secrets can you find?

Ready or not, 'Archer' is blasting his way back into all our lives on Thursday, January 17, so why resist? In anticipation of the Adam Reed animated spy comedy's fourth season, FX has released a full nine teasers of upcoming jokes and episode, some of which we've been excited to hear about previously.

Not only will viewers spot the upcoming 'Bob's Burgers' crossover of sorts that features Sterling Archer (Jon Benjamin) waking up as a burger-flipper in the vane of his 'Bob's Burgers' character Bob Belcher, but also all the references you can handle, from 'Terminator' to 'Predator.' There's even a return of Archer's Russian cyborg ex-bride Katya, but curiously little Pam Poovey.

Check out the first clips from 'Archer' season 4 below, and tell us what you're most excited to see from the January 17 premiere in the comments!

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