Though the 'Archer' season 5 panel staged at Comic-Con 2013 this past summer of course delivered on previewing the new season, our latest look at the fifth round in the chamber for the acclaimed FX superspy really takes us into the danger zone. You've heard Sterling work the iconic Kenny Loggins song into every possible opportunity, now watch the cast of 'Archer' recreate 'Top Gun' for real!

To be shown at the New York Comic-Con panel this weekend, our newest look at fresh 'Archer' finally puts its money where its mouth is to remake the music video for Kenny Loggins' iconic "Danger Zone," in particular the 'Top Gun' scenes that accompany the track. And yes of course, Sterling "Duchess" Archer takes on the role of Maverick, Barry becomes Iceman and of course, the video is everything you ever imagined it could be.

Apart from a snippet of footage at the end, it remains to be seen if the clip will actually find its way into 'Archer' season 5, though it at least confirms 'Archer' and the rest of the ISIS crew will return in January with all new episodes on FX.

Preview the new season of 'Archer' in the video above, and get ready to reenter the danger zone in 2014!