The seventh season finale of Archer left it … unclear how the series would proceed with its title character, even if a three-season renewal guaranteed it. Now, all is revealed, as a complete and total reset of the series will give Archer a dreamy new setting in Season 8.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Archer Season 7 and potentially Season 8, but we’d guess that Archer is going to spend a bit of time recuperating, having closed out the finale riddled with bullets, and face-down in a pool. Rather than address that outright, Archer Season 8 will enter a “Dreamland” state with the cast re-imagined in 1947.

Word of the reboot came from the Archer panel at New York Comic-Con (via IGN), as co-creator Matt Thompson explained Season 8 would re-imagine all the characters in 1947, with Sterling acting as “a private investigator on the hunt for the person who murdered his old partner, Woodhouse.” Voice actor George Coe passed away last year, leaving the character largely absent from the series.

The premise shakeup will also rewrite backstory and relationships for all of the main characters, including lounge singer Lana, while Thompson also reiterated that the series is at least thought to conclude With Season 10.

We don’t yet know when Season 8 will premiere, but is Archer in for its most radical reinvention yet?

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