Netflix's record subscriber numbers outflanking HBO has put the streaming corporation into headlines across the board of late, while inevitable talk has shifted toward future series and the potential for movie projects. 'Arrested Development' would seem to fit the bill as a candidate for the Netflix movie treatment, but what does series creator Mitch Hurwitz have to say of definitive plans for 'Arrested Development''s future?

While a movie produced with Netflix would seem the next logical step for the franchise, following the lukewarm season 4 reception over sporadic cast availability, Hurwitz cautioned reporters at the recent New York TV Festival that the prospect would prove difficult, even if Netflix made a definitive commitment to producing original films. Headaches with 20th Century Fox's ownership of the property and conflicting cast schedules have kept a movie on hold, even as Hurwitz seems to envision a movie as the next phase, followed by a fifth season.

All I’ve been able to say is, I really want to continue with this, and the cast really wants to continue with this. What my new thing is, because it might be tough to get the cast together for the four months you would need to make a series, is to try to get them together for four weeks sooner, and do the movie that is the story that we’ve been building up to in this show.

And then, bring the series back after that. If not my decision, but it’s what I want to do. The reason I’m not just saying, let’s go do the series next, is because I’m worried it’ll take two years to make all those deals – a mess of people, a weird tease to all of us and the audience. So my goal is to do a movie for Netflix type thing, and then go into the series.

While it seems the anticipation for future 'Arrested Development' has been somewhat tempered by the fourth season, we'd vote for the Netflix original movie approach, continuing on to a fifth season only if the movie left a door open for more. What say you? Do you think 'Arrested Development' should get its movie out of the way before any additional seasons?