Uh-oh, is the 'Arrested Development' reunion in trouble?  All year long we've been dying for new details of the highly-awaited 2013 Netflix revival, but should 'Arrested Developement' fans have reason to worry?  We've seen a few set pics before, nothing that truly gave anything away about the upcoming season, but some recent spy pics, while hilarious, could have some fairly startling implications.  Check these 'Arrested Development' spoilers, if you dare!

Filming for 'Arrested Development' season 4 has reached fulls swing in anticipation of its spring 2013 debut, but that anticipation has taken on an ominous tone thanks to some new set photos obtained by the Huffington Post.  In the pictures seen below, the show pays homage to the famous image of young John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father's funeral procession by dressing Buster Bluth (Tony Hale) in the very same outfit!

Hilarious as the image might be, could it mean that someone in the 'Arrested Development' universe is soon for the grim reaper?  If we follow the JFK Jr. logic, would that mean that Oscar, or even worse, George Bluth Sr. have reason to fear?  At the very least, we can take a small comfort in the knowledge that Buster didn't end up losing his other hand to the seal, as it resurfaced in the 'Arrested Development' season 3 finale "Development Arrested."

You can check out the image below, and tell us what you think it means in the comments!

The Huffington Post