For all we've learned and observed about the fourth season of 'Arrested Development' to grace our lives on Netflix Spring 2013, from 'Mad' guest stars to awkward segways, there are always plenty of question marks in the banana stand. Over just three seasons, 'Arrested Development' lined up quite a stable of recurring favorites, celebrity and otherwise, but can they all fit in 10 13 episodes? And which former 'AD' star has just given us a flash they'll be back?

Never promise crazy less than a cameo! Via the actress' Twitter feed, we've just learned that former 'Arrested Development' star Judy Greer will indeed be reprising her character of Kitty Sanchez for the upcoming run of episodes, hitting our computers all at once in 2013. In the show's original run, Kitty acted as George Senior's former secretary and sometime lover, who had an awkward habit of flashing her chest, and strove desperately to have a baby with the elder Bluth.

In the years since 'Arrested Development' Greer has developed quite a following, having appeared on everything from 'Archer' to 'Two and a Half Men,' both of which she maintains recurring roles on. She will also be seen in the 2013 re-make of 'Carrie.'

Greer is the first of the show's many recurring characters to be announced in Netflix's 2013 run of episodes, which to date have cast all three 'Workaholics' stars and 'Mad Men's John Slattery in an unspecified role.

What say you? Are you happy to have Judy Greer back for 'Arrested Development' season 4? What other characters are you hoping to see reprised for the new season? Check out Greer's photo, and tell us who you most hope to see in the comments below!

Arrested Development Season 4 Judy Greer

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