Hopefully by now we're past the point of second-guessing, but seeing the stars of 'Arrested Development' actually on set, returned to their former glory should allay any concerns that the reunion is a hoax, right? We've got cameras, characters, actors and contracts, so it's real, ye? No one's going to pull the corn-baller stained rug out from under us? Check out photos from the set, and take a look at what Tobias Funke is wearing now!

As intriguing as it was to see Jason Bateman's tweet from the first day of shooting on 'Arrested Development' season 4, we found ourselves disappointed it featured no familiar characters, at least outside of 'Workaholics.' No more! Thanks to intrepid photographers, the first photos of the actual 'Arrested Development' actors have surfaced on set, including Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth), Portia De Rossi (Lindsay Funke) and David Cross (Tobias Funke), looking every bit as glorious as you remember.

But what story do the photos tell? The scenes shot took place at an airport, exactly where we previously saw 'Workaholics' stars Anders Holm and Adam Devine. However, it's believed that the airport will stand in for an Indian location, as Tobias is observed to be wearing his own bastardization of an Indian sari. Elsewhere, Lindsay and Michael appear to be their normal selves.

As previously mentioned, the new series (debuting on Netflix in its entirety in 2013) will largely stick to a format of following one character per episode, though several episodes will feature multiple characters. The 10-episode fourth season of ‘Arrested Development’ is still seen as a potential bridge toward an eventual movie, as teased in the show’s own season 3 finale, though it’s possible that series creator Mitch Hurwitz will continue the series in its episodic Netflix format should the reunion prove successful.

Check out the new photos (including one that confirms all three 'Workaholics' stars (including Blake Anderson) will be present, and let us know what you think of 'Arrested Development' season 4 in the comments!

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