You're gonna get some walk-ons.  No, seriously!  'Arrested Development' season 4 has decided to give back to the fans that made its Netflix reunion possible, holding a contest to bring in six lucky viewers on to the series for walk-on roles.  But if you want a chance to go one-on-one with the cast of 'Arrested Development,' you're going to have to earn it.  Find out the rules of the game here, and you might see yourself among the Bluths when the new season begins in 2013!

Them?  Fans who count themselves lucky that the classic cancelled cult comedy 'Arrested Development' earned its way to a 10-episode reunion season might just find themselves a bit luckier.  The series announced today that it will hold the "You're Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons" contest, giving a chance for six devoted fans to make brief appearances in the upcoming Netflix revival.

In order to win the coveted prize, fans must create an original piece of 'Arrested Development' content, ranging from 2-minute videos to, photos, artwork, essays and more, and post the creation to Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #BluthWalkOn by October 16.  You can also enter via the website, and view other entries as well.

Check out the announcement video featuring 'Arrested Development' star Michael Cera and his far-more important castmate the Bluth family stair-car, and brainstorm ideas for your walk-on in the comments!