Apart from the flurry of Netflix’s recent orders, Arrested Development’s future hasn’t seen much concrete … well, development since the softly-received Season 4. And while the Bluths will always be a welcome return, the fifth season may actually have been confirmed for a whopping 17 episodes.

No mere nod-along from the series stars this time, Arrested Development executive producer Brian Grazer definitively confirmed in a B.S. Report podcast that the Bluth family would return for an additional run, saying “We’re going to do another 17 episodes. So, stay tuned for Arrested Development.” No further details were offered, whether schedule, format or premiere, though we imagine Grazer’s words will press Netflix to deliver an update sooner, rather than later.

Granted, many may shrug at an additional Arrested Development season, given the divided focus of Season 4, but we’d imagine both Netflix and creator Mitch Hurwitz to have learned their lesson in keeping the main cast apart. The return of Wet Hot American Summer certainly put more effort into scheduling its busy cast together as often as possible, while AD’s 17 episodes would likely allow a bit of concession with either approach.

Perhaps not as exciting as the long-awaited movie, will Arrested Development Season 5 right the Queen Mary ship? How will Netflix make the impressive 17-episode order distinct from last time? Watch Grazer’s quick announcement above, and stay tuned for the latest from Netflix.

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