Regardless of mixed fan reception to 'Arrested Development''s first original Netflix run, it seems near of every classic gag received a reprise, if not more in season 4. That said, we couldn't help notice a few stragglers like fan-favorite Franklin Delano Bluth getting left on the cutting room floor, but we can definitely expect a return in either season 5 or a movie, says creator Mitch Hurwitz!

Though Hurwitz previously told us we can "definitely' expect future 'Arrested Development,' be it in the long-awaited movie or another Netflix run, the executive producer revealed to The Empire Film Podcast that a few in-jokes had been pushed beyond the fourth season, namely Gob's (Will Arnett) jive-talking puppet Franklin, and the iconic Bluth family banana stand:

We did have a Franklin plot. It's still yet to come. There's two big absences in the show. One is Franklin and one is the banana stand. And I didn't realize the marketing was gonna be so banana stand-heavy ... Franklin, we just didn't get him in there, but we have a plot for him.

Hurwitz also previewed that he intended a role for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and upcoming 'Parks and Recreation' star Peter Serafinowicz, one which needed more time for a proper payoff. "I kind of have saved his part for the movie," said Hurwitz, who previously worked with Serafinowicz and Will Arnett on failed 2009 Fox comedy 'Running Wilde.' "He's just so funny. We've got to make him a giant star where we are. His music videos are hilarious."

Well, what say you? Are you excited some of the better 'Arrested Development' gags excluded from season 4 will get their due in future installments? What other guest stars would you want to see join the potential movie, or fifth season? Watch the best of Franklin below, and give us your picks in the comments!