These days, the only voice trumpeting Arrested Development Season 5’s Netflix future is that of executive producer Brian Grazer, last heard promising an impressive 17 episodes. Now, Grazer promises that the Bluths will band together as early as 2016, premiering Season 5 on Netflix sometime midyear.

“Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re going to do more episodes,” Grazer told Adam Carolla on his Tuesday podcast, adding that Fox Studios had given the greenlight, and he’d only just informed creator Mitch Hurwitz. According to Grazer at least, production will begin some time after January 1, 2016, aiming for episodes to launch “four months after that.”

Last we heard, Hurwitz, Grazer and Netflix brass had learned the lesson of scheduling Arrested Development’s busy cast for separate, fragmented storylines, though it remains to be seen how on Earth the streaming service will corral the Bluths by January 2016. 17 episodes also seems like a tall order to deliver inside of four months, leaving us to wonder if Netflix would forgo the “all episodes at once” premiere, in favor of scheduling the cast more consistently.

Well, should Brian Grazer’s promise ring true, will Arrested Development Season 5 prove a return to form over its predecessor? What new adventures might the Bluths bungle by their mid-2016 premiere?

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