Many a 'Fringe' fan were depressed to learn that prior guest star and season 4 regular Seth Gabel would not return for the cult sci-fi hit's final season, but now it seems our geek universe has afforded him another equally cool opportunity. The one-time Lincoln Lee has been targeted to appear in a 2013 episode of The CW's Green Arrow adaptation 'Arrow,' portraying the villainous DC character Count Vertigo! Of course, Count Vertigo will undergo some changes ot fit in with 'Arrow's more grounded world, so what can we expect from Seth Gabel?

'Fringe' fans rejoice, for Lincoln Lee has indeed resurfaced in another universe despite not being present for the final season of FOX's sci-fi series. TVLine reports that the former 'Fringe' star has been tapped to play 'Arrow's' incarnation of comic character Count Vertigo, appearing in a 2013 episode!

Described as "Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date," 'Arrow's incarnation of Count Vertigo will appear somewhat differently than in the comics, where the character was depicted as a Vlatavan Count with the ability to disorient foes with his "Vertigo Effect." 'Arrow's' version of the "Vertigo Effect" will instead come from the "Vertigo" drug that makes its way through Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)'s Starling City, though it seems likely the character will retain his impressive martial arts skills.

Having already introduced China White, Deadshot and Deathstroke, 'Arrow' will also feature DC characters The Royal Flush Gang, Firefly The Huntress and Ted Gaynor in upcoming episodes. Tell us in the comments what other DC characters besides Count Vertigo should figure into ‘Arrow,' and what you think of Seth Gabel's casting!