Having been picked up for a full season by The CW, 'Arrow' will continue its freshman year tonight with "An Innocent Man," which to our knowledge won't introduce any major DC characters the way previous episodes and even the next few will.  However, We did learn shortly before New York Comic-Con that classic Batman villain Firefly would be dropping by to heat things up in a later episode, so how would you like to meet the man behind the mask?

While we already knew that DC villain Firefly would burn his way through The CW's 'Arrow' at some point, now we've finally learned who's behind the flames!  According to Entertainment Weekly, 'Stargate: Universe' star Andrew Dunbar has landed the role of the fiery villain, set to appear in the series' 10th episode.

According to Zap2It's original report, 'Arrow’s tenth episode will see the vigilante introduced to former firefighter “Garfield,” a man so horribly burned by a tragic accident that his resulting rage cost him his wife and children, making him a “bitter, vengeful shell of a man.”  Equally distraught by Garfield’s fall from grace is the Starling City fire chief, who was forced to abandon his former colleague in the fateful blaze years ago.

It's likely that 'Arrow's version of the character will eschew wings or his more comic book qualities, but here's hoping for a flamethrower!  Elsewhere, the first season of The CW’s Green ‘Arrow’ will include such DC characters as Deathstroke, The Royal Flush Gang and The Huntress.  Tell us what characters you want to see on 'Arrow' in the comments!