The same day that saw The CW expanding its superhero ranks also brought them closer together by the upgrade of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold to a “franchise regular” across all series. Now, Arrow baddie John Barrowman will follow suit, as Malcolm Merlyn becomes the latest DC vet to expand his horizons.

TVLine confirmed the news, setting Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn to jump between Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (no word of Supergirl, but that’s another matter) over the coming season. The “franchise regular” position follows a similar contract for Wentworth Miller, who seemingly left Legends of Tomorrow behind after migrating from The Flash.

Certainly, Barrowman’s role has expanded significantly from his initial Arrow Season 1 arrival; first Moira Queen’s shady partner, then Tommy Merlyn’s father, Oliver’s mortal nemesis, Thea’s biological father, and regular from Season 3 on. The Legends of Tomorrow could easily encounter Malcolm across multiple points of his life, though it remains to be seen what, if any role he might have on The Flash (given its own timey-wimey headaches).

Barrowman will take part in the big DC panels at Comic-Con 2016 in the coming weeks, presumably to expand on his new position, but will Malcolm Merlyn find more to do with all-new casts to interact?

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