Even as The Flash succinctly wrapped up Season 2 with Zoom’s defeat, the final moments sent a tingle down DC spines, to seemingly set up a universe-shattering “Flashpoint” arc for Season 3. It remained to be seen how The Flash might tackle such a wide-ranging DC story, but series star Grant Gustin at least confirms Season 3 headed in that direction with an official premiere title.

Where initially Gustin teased fans over Twitter with a top-secret title for the October 4 premiere, DCTV overlord Greg Berlanti quickly chimed into greenlight The Flash star’s excitement. As for the title itself? You guessed it - “Flashpoint”:

For those unfamiliar with the “Flashpoint” arc that birthed the “New 52” DC Comics, the story saw Barry similarly going back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, the resulting ripples of which created a world where Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s war consumes the planet. The arc also notably paired a de-powered Barry with Batman, in this reality Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas, whose son was instead killed in the fateful mugging.

Naturally, we’d imagine The Flash Season 3 to significantly streamline that story (without affecting any of the the other shows), to which Gustin added:

That said, it remains to be seen if the story could be reworked to fold Supergirl into the existing Arrow-verse, or perhaps lead into the inevitable four-way crossover.

We’ll find out more in the next month from Comic-Con, but how might “Flashpoint” unfold for The Flash Season 3?

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