Any Arrow fan well-knows that Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke has served as the series’ peak villain, though convoluted movie plans have largely kept the character offscreen since. Now, it appears as if the series’ 100th episode will at last feature Deathstroke’s return, but is Manu Bennett behind the mask?

We’ve already seen one unexpected return for the series’ 100th hour (shortly followed by news that Katie Cassidy’s multi-series deal would place her back on Arrow as such), and now Amell reveals another familiar face … er, mask:

Deathstroke is presumably the answer to a mystery game Amell has been playing in recent days, seen below:

Of course, like Jamey Sheridan’s Robert Queen, Deathstroke’s return likely involves some unusual storytelling device, either time-travel or alternate Earths. The 100th episode will also factor into the CW’s four-way crossover, while executive producer Marc Guggenheim stated that Sheridan’s return had nothing to do with flashbacks or The Flash’s alternate timeline.

It also remains to be seen if Manu Bennett will actually reprise his role as Slade Wilson, given that Season 4 briefly returned Deathstroke as part of a hallucination. Bennett himself hasn’t appeared in the Deathstroke costume since Arrow Season 2, and hasn’t guested on the series in any official capacity beyond Season 3. That said, the former Arrow star had a pretty magic reaction to news of Joe Manganiello taking the role of Deathstroke to the big screen for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

Arrow bosses previously claimed Deathstroke was earmarked for another project long before Manganiello’s casting was announced, though Legends of Tomorrow did manage to incorporate the character’s son. Additionally, Stephen Amell certainly thinks Arrow has something missing without Manu Bennett as well.

Details on Arrow’s 100th episode and its crossover elements are firmly under wraps for now, but how much Deathstroke should we hope for? Check out the latest trailers below.

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