Only three episodes remain in the second season of the CW's 'Arrow,' and while last week's "Seeing Red" threw us more than a few curveballs, it seems May 14 finale "Unthinkable" already has a surprise twist in motion. Not only will 'Spartacus' star Katrina Law return as Sara's ex-lover/League of Assasins leader Nyssa al Ghul, but it may surprise you what side she's on!

You're warned of potential spoilers for the current season of 'Arrow' and its upcoming finale, but it seems fans weren't far off to presume Nyssa might be the "old friend" Sara referred to in leaving Starling City last week. Entertainment Weekly scored the first photo of the finale featuring Nyssa's return, as the character leads the League of Assassins in combating Slade's mirakuru army for the fate of Starling City.

Those following the series will remember that Nyssa earlier popped up in "Heir to the Demon" looking to return her former lover/fellow assassin Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) to the fold, but ultimately allowed her to remain free in Starling City. Whether she has any ulterior motives in coming to Sara's aid remains to be seen, particularly if we might see the League take a stronger presence next season, or perhaps its figurehead putting in an appearance.

Well, what do you think? Will the 'Arrow' season 2 finale be the most impressive episode to date, now that Nyssa and the League are confirmed to return? What do you think the return will mean for next season? Check out a preview of Wednesday's "CIty of Blood" below, and give us your 'Arrow' predictions in the comments!