Last week brought news that both Arrow Season 3 and The Flash would speed onto DVD and Blu-ray in advance of their fall premieres, but even those attending the massive Superhero Saturday at Comic-Con 2015 needn’t wait for new material. Check out the full gag reel from Arrow Season 3's Blu-ray release, while you can!

Whatever you made of Arrow Season 3, its focus on crossover and frequent League of Assassins interruptions, the wealth of talent made for an especially potent mixture this time around, as seen by the DC drama’s new blooper reel. As if it weren’t clear in recent years, John Barrowman proves an exceptionally game highlight, so here’s hoping he stays around in Season 4.

Other Blu-ray features will include:

  • Second Skins: Creating The Uniforms of Arrow
  • Nanda Parbat: Constructing The Villain’s Lair
  • Two Arrow Audio Commentaries
  • Arrow at Comic-Con 2014
  • The Man Beneath the Suit – Atom’s First Flight
  • Deleted Scenes

Thus far of Arrow Season 4, we know the fourth year is expected to somewhat creatively revamp the series after its Season 3 finale saw Oliver retiring the vigilante lifestyle, at least with his current costume. In addition to a focus on DC villains H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk, Season 4 may also feature flashbacks amid Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City, while creatively current Co-EP Wendy Mericle has been elevated to co-showrunner alongside Marc Guggenheim, and Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander will helm an episode.

Arrow Season 4 will debut plenty of new details (and potentially some footage) from Comic-Con 2015, but take a look at the Season 3 gag reel above, and don’t forget to pick up a Blu-ray copy for yourself in September.

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