Arrow’s third season finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” left quite a few fans scratching their heads as to how Oliver Queen might return to the vigilante lifestyle of his DC namesake, but fans needn’t wait until Comic-Con 2015 for a glimpse into Season 4. Stephen Amell has offered a few cryptic teases of the fall premiere, including some trouble for Thea Queen, as well as a minor time jump.

Answering fan questions over Twitter, Amell first offered a brief tease of Oliver Queen’s inevitable return to Starling City, namely that Oliver’s sister Thea (Willa Holland) would at some point require his aid, likely after picking up the “Speedy” mantle in the wake of her brother driving off into the sunset with Felicity:

However Speedy’s dilemma shakes out, Amell also offered over Facebook that the Season 4 premiere would pick up some 5-6 months after the events of the finale, while the 401 script left him with some pressing questions for executive producer Marc Guggenheim:

Time has passed. Like the standard amount of time. We go in real-time, like we normally do. So, about five, six months have passed since the finale. […]

[My jaw] legitimately [dropped twice]. I emailed/texted Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the Season 4 premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered … mostly.

Thus far of Arrow Season 4, we know the fourth year is expected to somewhat creatively revamp the series after its Season 3 finale saw Oliver retiring the vigilante lifestyle, at least with his current costume. In addition to a focus on DC villains H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk, Season 4 may also feature flashbacks amid Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City, while creatively current Co-EP Wendy Mericle has been elevated to co-showrunner alongside Marc Guggenheim, and Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander will helm an episode.

Arrow Season 4 will debut plenty of new details (and potentially footage) from DC’s Superhero Saturday panel at Comic-Con 2015, but does this fall’s premiere sound like a strong starting point off Season 3? What might bring Oliver back to Starling City after a few months out from under the hood?

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