The DC cinematic universe has been abuzz with plenty of ‘Suicide Squad’ developments of late, but the CW’s ‘Arrow’ will beat its silver-screen brethren to the punch once more with another appearance of the deadly team in season 3. Find out what brings “Suicidal Tendencies” to ‘Arrow’ in upcoming episodes, and what DC villains will make up the new roster!

According to ETOnline, ‘Arrow’'s incarnation of the Suicide Squad will return in the third season’s 187h episode “Suicidal Tendencies” (a week before Ray and Felicity crossover with ‘The Flash’), though Michael Jai White’s Bronze Tiger will sit out the mission. Amanda Waller and Floyd “Deadshot” Lawton (Michael Rowe) will at least return, presumably alongside Diggle, while this time around Amy Gumenick’s Carrie “Cupid” Cutter will join the ranks.

And while it seems Nick Tarabay’s Captain Boomerang and the team’s “Deranged Squad Female” (cough, Harley Quinn) will be sitting this one out as well, “Suicidal Tendencies” will see the titular squad encountering Senator Joseph Cray (Steven Culp), undertaking a rescue operation in the fictional Republic of Kasnia. We last saw the Suicide Squad in ‘Arrow’'s season 2 finale “Unthinkable,” though at least a few H.I.V.E.-related threads have been left over from the team’s other appearances as well.

‘Arrow’ season 3 will continue Black Canary’s rise with tonight’s “Midnight City,” but what say you? Are you excited to see the Suicide Squad raising havoc once more for episode 17, or are you more interested in the big-screen version?

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