As if Arrow wasn’t already making big plans for the Season 5 finale, Season 6 is starting to shape up. Looks like we’ll have two Canaries on the block next year, and a Wild Dog to chase after both, as Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez will be back full-time next year.

The CW confirms that both Gonzalez and Harvavy has been made Season 6 regulars in their roles as Rene “Wild Dog” Ramirez and Dinah Drake. Gonzalez first appeared in the Season 5 premiere, while Walking Dead alum Harkavy arrived at midseason as the Canary Cry-ing “Tina Boland,” who was later revealed to share the comic Canary name of Dinah Drake.

Harkavy’s addition in particular comes as relief, given that Season 6 already confirmed Katie Cassidy would return to her series regular role as Laurel Lance. Not the Laurel Lance killed off in Season 4, mind you, but the villainous Earth-2 “Black Siren” introduced on The Flash, who resurfaced on Arrow in Season 5.

Arrow Season 6 remains something of a mystery, given the series will finally graduate beyond its five-year flashback format, but stay tuned for the final episodes of Season 5 in the meantime.

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