Arrow didn’t make Laurel’s Season 5 return terribly difficult to figure out, and won’t keep you in suspense for Season 6, either. Not only is Katie Cassidy coming back for the final Season 5 episodes, but Laurel Lance will be back full-time in Season 6, singing her Black Siren-song.

The CW officially confirmed that the Earth-2 Laurel Lance will be back for episodes 522 and 523, before joining Arrow Season 6 as a full-fledged series regular. Cassidy’s Earth-1 Laurel Lance was killed off in Season 4, but made a few Season 5 appearances since, and will also appear in the Legends of Tomorrow finale.

Says executive producer Marc Guggenheim:

This year, our midseason finale reintroduced us to Laurel’s doppelgänger, Black Siren. We were so taken by Katie’s fearless interpretation of this character that we knew her story was not yet finished.

No word yet on whether Juliana Harkavy will return for Arrow Season 6, given her “Dinah Drake” character appeared to be filling the series’ “Black Canary” role for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, Arrow Season 5 will continue this week with “Disbanded,” the trailer for which you can find below.

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