The Arrow franchise has long held a curious interaction with major Batman characters, culminating in a season devoted to Ra’s al Ghul himself, and it seems we’re not done with the League of Assassins just yet. Season 5 will officially introduce a Stargate SG-1 star as Ra’s daughter Talia al Ghul, half-sister to Nyssa.

Lexa Doig will play the recurring role across multiple episodes beginning with 510, described as “worldly and cultured,” as well as “an elite warrior who doesn’t pick sides but rather creates her own.” Season 2 (and beyond) of the CW series featured Talia’s less-known half-sister Nyssa (Katrina Law) in an apparent compromise with the so-called “Bat-Embargo,” though Legends of Tomorrow’s first season did feature a young Talia in flashback.

Arrow Talia al Ghul Lexa Doig
The CW / Syfy

In any case, it’s of interest that Arrow would introduce an incarnation of Talia al Ghul, given that the now-disbanded League of Assassins made up the crux of story in Season 3, in which Talia was nowhere to be found. Perhaps worth noting, The Wrap recently confirmed that neither Talia nor Ra’s will be featured in any upcoming Batman film, following portrayals by Liam Neeson and Marion Cotillard in the Nolan trilogy.

Arrow has tonight’s “Human Target” and a four-way alien crossover before introducing Talia al Ghul, but what might the frequent Batman character bring to Star City?

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