Starling City remains in shambles after the ‘Arrow’’s fateful duel with Ra’s al Ghul, with an “Uprising” on the way, but the emerald archer will have some huge (or tiny) competition for Starling’s protector with the arrival of Brandon Routh’s “The Atom.” Put your peepers through the microscope for a first look at the new costume, soon to hit the streets of The CW!

Don’t expect Ray Palmer to do much shrinking as of yet, however, as ‘Arrow’’s A.T.O.M. suit will primarily act as an Iron Man-esque suit of armor (it was originally conceived for Blue Beetle, after all). The suit will debut officially in February 25 ‘Arrow’ episode “Nanda Parbat,” though we’d expect the high-powered armor to stick to Starling streets, at least for the moment.

The 18th episode of ‘The Flash’ will also see Ray and Felicity traveling to Central City for an “All-Star Team-Up,” in which the STAR labs team will assist Ray with the A.T.O.M.’s development (which you can preview below, courtesy of Grant Gustin himself).

It’s certainly a high-end look for ‘Arrow’’s costuming department, though we can’t help a chuckle or two at the dork factor of Brandon Routh in a helmet. Meanwhile, rumors still churn that The CW might look to position ‘The Atom’ for his own spinoff to join ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ though consider that an outlying possibility for the moment.

In the meantime,feast your eyes on The Atom in all his…glory…below, and tell us what you think of ‘Arrow’’s newest superhero in the comments!

Arrow The Atom Costume Suit Ray Palmer Brandon Routh
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This is today. But you'll have to wait a while... #TheFlash #Atom

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