With the mysterious title of Avengers 4 not yet revealed, everyone’s wondering about what it could be, and what Kevin Feige meant by saying that revealing the title would spoil the events of Infinity War. Well, Feige has also said that keeping the title under wraps was actually an attempt to keep speculation from happening.

Feige recently talked to IGN while doing press rounds for Infinity War, and he said that keeping the Avengers 4 title a secret was a plan that ended up backfiring.

I’ve said before, it’s gotten entirely out of hand. And now it will have no chance to living up to any expectations of what it’s gonna be. It sort of backfired, if I’m honest with you, because the notion was to not talk about it so the focus was to be on [Infinity War].

When Infinity War was first split into two movies, which then became one movie and a slightly unrelated sequel, Feige said that Marvel wouldn’t reveal the title of the next movie because it would spoil something in Infinity War. Of course, now that he’s said that, fans have spent all this time trying to figure out what the spoiler is, rather than just focusing on Infinity War and being patient. Feige explained that he made a mistake revealing Infinity War’s title before Age of Ultron had had a chance to come out, which is why he’s not saying what Avengers 4 is going to be called.

I think there was a slight notion of — Ultron hadn’t come out at that point and I felt a tiny little sense of, ‘Well, gosh, we’ve gotta talk about the movies we have coming out next because that’s what we’ve been working so hard on and that’s what’s next available for our audience to see,’ but when we talk that far ahead, that took a lot of attention out.

So, basically what we all need to do is take a deep breath and wait it out. Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.

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