The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is nigh — maybe a little nigh-er than we expected. The movie debuts in a little less than six months from now (!) so it wouldn’t be too soon for at least a short teaser. A bunch of leaked images seem to indicate that a trailer is imminent, in which our heroes will finally meet one of Thanos’ evil henchpeople.

Some new screencaps posted by Reddit user The Ascended Ancient (compiled here) seem to be from a trailer, or at least a key scene from the movie – you're warned of any spoilers – in which Captain America and his buddies meet one of the members of Thanos’ Black Order, Proxima Midnight. She’s one of the best fighters in Thanos’ army and the first to be sent down to Earth before his invasion, and wears a scary black helmet and carries a staff she uses to mercilessly dispatch her enemies. It sounds like her reconnaissance mission to Earth won’t go exactly as planned, and she’ll have to fight off a few Avengers before any nefarious plans are set in motion.

About half the gang is here, with Scarlet Witch, Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, and Vision showing up for the party. Elsewhere in the images are the Guardians of the Galaxy looking on what appears to be the decimated fortress of the Collector from the first movie. I guess Thanos’ forces figured that was the best place to find a few new recruits.

All in all, things look pretty dark for our heroes, which is a perfect way to set up what looks to be a two-part movie event of monstrous size. A mid-credits scene in Thor: Ragnarok featuring Thanos’ spaceship Sanctuary II officially kicked off the Infinity War this whole series has been building up to. It’s about time we got our first official look at it.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018.

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