In case the headline wasn’t enough of a warning, this post contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity WarThe latest Marvel film saw half the universe wiped out with the mere snap of fingers, and while we saw many of our faves dissolve into dust, some characters’ fates weren’t addressed. Like, what does this mean for the Marvel TV universe? Where were Hawkeye and Ant-Man during the snap heard ‘round the globe? And what about Thanos’ attack on the Asgardian ship in the opening?

That opening scene found Loki, Heimdall and what seemed to be the rest of the crew sans Thor meeting their end. But what about Valkyrie? Is Tessa Thompson’s badass warrior okay or do we need to riot? Before you get worked up, don’t worry; Joe Russo has confirmed she is indeed alive.

The Infinity War director dropped by an Iowa high school this week (how nice of him!) for a Q&A (h/t Vulture). While most audience Q&As with real-life adults can be filled with obnoxious questions, these smart teens decided to cut to the important stuff and get answers. Joe Russo revealed that Valkyrie lived, but was mum when asked whether Taika Waititi’s Korg survived. How did Valkyrie live, you ask? He said the refugees left the ship on escape pods.

This is good news, considering Thompson’s warrior is one of the best new Marvel characters, a refreshing addition to Marvel’s much-too-small slate of awesome female heroes and the first LGBTQ one. Plus, I’m sure she’ll be helpful in taking out Thanos for good in Avengers 4.

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