Happy Halloween, everyone. ’Tis the season for scary movies, and one of the ways ScreenCrush is celebrating today is with the gallery above, collecting 25 of our favorite horror movie posters of all time. Be warned, though: Some of them get pretty intense. You might want to browse with the lights on.

There is an art to making every kind of movie poster, but making a horror movie poster is an even more specific and tricky art. A horror movie poster needs to be eye-catching, appealing, and intriguing. It also has to be scary, unsettling, and disturbing. How do you attract and repulse people in a single image? That’s a difficult question to answer. (Unless your movie has a big shark in it. Then the answer is pretty easy. Put the big shark on the poster.)

The posters above did it in a variety of ways. Some of them tried to create something so disgusting the horrified throngs would have to see if the movie could live up to them. Others went for a more subtle approach, only hinting at the terrors in store for ticket holders. A few used a big shark. The very best of these horror movie posters manage to craft genuinely iconic images that would linger in your brain — and haunt your nightmares — forever.

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