Bestflix — ScreenCrush’s monthly video series dedicated to finding the best new stuff to watch on Netflix — is back with more recommendations for September 2015. (If you missed June, July, or August’s episodes, it’s not too late to add more great films and TV shows to your MyList.)

This month on the show: Netflix gets a brand-new documentary about a very old rock star, Wes Anderson travels to Moonrise Kingdom, and George Clooney comes to take your job in Up in the Air. Plus is a beautiful day in this neighborhood. In fact, it’s a beautiful day for a neighbor! Would you be mine? (Note: This is a rhetorical question.)

We’ll be back in October with five new recommendations. Until then, don’t forget to browse the full list of what’s new and expiring on Netflix here at ScreenCrush. (If you want to beat your chest along with Leo and McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street, you better hurry.) And make sure you subscribe to ScreenCrush’s YouTube Channel, so you never miss any of the latest episodes of Bestflix, Top Five, or You Think You Know Movies.