We'd known from the series' premise and first trailer that 'Beware the Batman' would present a wholly different take on the Dark Knight, utilizing Alfred as a sidekick against a host of Batman's rogues gallery foes not traditionally depicted in media, but the poppy, stylized opening credits to 'Beware the Batman' have set it the furthest apart yet!

Scored by female indie pop group Dum Dum Girls, the title sequence of 'Beware the Batman' presents itself markedly different from predecessors 'Batman: The Animated Series,' or even 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold,' delivering a stylized red animation of the main characters with a snappy pop track beneath.

The new series will debut on Saturday, Jul. 13 and focus on Batman’s battles with a largely unknown set of villains, present in the comics but never-before adapted for TV. ‘Beware the Batman’ features the voice talents of ‘Banshee‘ star Anthony Ruivivar as the Dark Knight, JB Blanc as ex-secret agent Alfred Pennyworth, Sumalee Montano as Katana, and a villains roster that includes Wallace Langham as Anarky, Grey DeLisle as Magpie, Udo Kier as Mr. Toad, Lance Reddick (‘Fringe') as Ra’s al Ghul, and Brian George as Professor Pyg.

You can check out the opening titles of 'Beware the Batman' above, as well as the Cartoon Network sizzle reel below, and tell in the comments us if you'll tune in for the new animated series on July 13!

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