A few years ago, Beyonce entered into an agreement with developer Gate Five to create a motion-captured dance game called, Starpower: Beyonce. In 2011, Beyonce backed out on the deal after claiming Gate Five never acquired proper funding. Gate Five fired back with a lawsuit.

Gate Five's suit was for $100 million in damages, as well as another $6.7 million for time already spent developing the game. Beyonce attempted to have the case dismissed last year, but the court sided with Gate Five.

It appears the battle is over before it even truly began though, as the New York Post reports a settlement was reached this week. "We've settled amicably," Gate Five's lawyer Peter Gallagher told the paper. "I can't discuss the terms of the settlement, but it was resolved."

The real crime of the matter is we'll likely never get a Beyonce dancing game now. Or at least, not one with choreography straight from Queen Bey herself. Now that this matter is closed, hopefully Gate Five can get back to doing whatever it is Gate Five does, and Beyonce can continue the Mrs. Carter world tour.