If there’s one constant in whatever Black Mirror shared universe theory you subscribe to, it might be those sleek future contact lenses bound to replace our cell phones and computer screens one day. So it is, that Netflix has taken it on itself to introduce Netflix Vista, for when you really need piping fresh Gilmore Girls delivered directly to your eyeballs.

Netflix released the faux ad in conjunction with last month’s Black Mirror Season 3 launch, spotlighting similar lenses to the ones that appeared in Season 1's “The Entire History of You,” and in multiple episodes since. It’s a strange mixture of terror and envy, as while a Netflix logo pulsating behind your ear might seem scary, we’d probably all welcome the chance to binge on the train, or through your loved one’s hospitalization, as need be.

In the meantime, all 13 episodes stories of Black Mirror are available to stream on Netflix, with at least six more on the way over the next year. One’s even directed by Jodie Foster, and who wouldn’t want that in their corneas?