We’re less than two months away from Black Panther, which is pretty much THE movie to look forward to in the first part of the new year, and Marvel has been rolling out the promotions just in case we forget (unlikely). The newest TV spot paints our hero T’Challa as a king with something to prove, and plenty of people who want to take his rightful kingdom away from him.

The new spot doesn’t have much stuff we haven‘t already seen before, though that one shot of Lupita Nyong’o cheering as she appears to be driving one of the vehicles in an elaborate Seoul car chase is very cool.

Elsewhere, we’ve learned that Kendrick Lamar might have a hand in Black Panther’s soundtrack. In the emotional new music video for “LOVE,” Lamar appears to casually hint that he’s working on the music for the new movie in a shot at the 1:54 mark. Keep an eye out for a clapperboard with “B.Panther soundtrack coming soon” on it:

Lamar’s new album Damn received seven Grammy nominations. Doing the Black Panther soundtrack would be a great addition to what’s bound to be a great year.

Black Panther hits theaters February 16.

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