There’s something strange about concept art for comic book movies. Seeing artists’ renditions of popular superheroes filtered through the lens of the Hollywood actors that play them blur the line between comic books and movies in a really weird way. Since so many different artists have tackled characters like Iron Man and Captain America, I’m used to them not looking like anyone in particular, but there is the face of Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan poking out from every panel. It’s both very neat and a little, you know, uncanny valley.

On Friday, Marvel shared a new batch of concept art from the pre-production for Captain America: Civil War. Several of the key moments in the movie are represented here: Iron Man’s visit to the Hydra facility, the claw-to-shield combat between the Black Panther and Captain America, and the loss of Bucky’s arm are all key moments in the film that ended up looking awfully similar to their sketches on the page. I do have some questions as to why Hawkeye seems to be played by Greg Kinnear in these sketches, however. It’s not a bad choice, just a bold one.

My personal highlights would include the always-impressive character design for Frank Grillo’s Crossbones and a few variants on Vision’s look throughout the movie. The Vision ensembles are a particular favorite; if Marvel were smart, they partner with a company like Banana Republic and release their own line of men’s fall casual wear. They could even bring Paul Bettany in for the commercial. “You don’t have to wear J. Crew to look like a Vision… but it helps.” Right? I think there’s something there. Call me whenever you’re ready to get serious, Kevin Feige.

Captain America: Civil War is now available to purchase on Blu-ray and VOD. For a little bonus reading, now would also be a good time to revisit the Matt Singer piece on every Captain America: Civil War rumor that turned out to be false.

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