So the story goes, a guy was watching a soap opera with his girlfriend who remarked that the music in the serial was so bad that a cat could've written it. The guy got to thinking - he had a cat and a keyboard and he set out to test this theory. Could a cat actually compose the music for a soap opera? It turns out that yes, yes it could. And quite well, actually.

After setting up his keyboard, this cat owner put his cat on the keys and queued up a scene from 'The Young and the Restless.' He placed a few treats on the keys to keep the cat from jumping off and just by walking on the keys, the cat composed music that feels right at home with this scene. In fact if you didn't know a cat was pouncing on a keyboard, you'd have no idea.

Now if we can only get a cat to compose the music for movie trailers (just have him pouncing on a keyboard that makes that 'Inception' WOMMMP noise), we'll be good to go.

Check out the cat making music for a soap opera below.

(via Reddit)