There is news - you know, the kind that you imagine Brian Williams reading to you with gravitas - and then there is "news" - the kind that involves a photo of two Chewbaccas and six women dressed as Slave Leias all sunbathing by a pool. This is definitely the latter.

There is not much else to this photo but how could we find a photo of two guys dressed as Chewbacca hanging poolside with Slave Leais and not share it with you? (Exactly, we couldn't.)

This photo was taken at Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia and with Dragon*Con 2012 approaching in just a short week, now's a good time to remind ourselves what goes on at these conventions.

As the photo below shows, there were actually nine Slave Leias in attendance that day, all maxin' and relaxin' by the hotel pool. The photo comes to use from Flickr user Courtarro (via io9) and with any luck, he'll be back at Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend with even more wacky photos for us.