Everyone in attendance at the Comic-Con 2012 'True Blood' panel got to see some exclusive footage of the new season, including a never-before-seen trailer for the rest of season 5. Well now you can watch it for yourself and pretend like your apart of the action happening in San Diego.

The trailer throws a lot of information at you all at once, so let's try to break it down a bit:

We already know that Mr. Eric Northman glamours Alcide so he won't try any sexy business with Sookie, but while that was going on Bill was trying to take a chunk out of her memory and make her forget all about these two vampire gents. Though we can only assume he does it to try and keep her from harms way, Sookie is never one to avoid trouble. In fact, the new trailer also reveals her getting involved with the fairy night club -- and we all know that's probably not the best idea.

As for Alcide, he goes back to that werewolf pack and accepts his new position as pack master. To bad that guy who told him never to come back still has a grudge against him.

Things don't go too well for Lafayette either. Aside from his mother telling him that his dead lover Jesus is in trouble, the medium tries to use his magic to help Terry with his Ifrit problem. Though it's not explicitly shown, a short, flashing segment of Lafayette suggest he's gonna get possessed again. And we all know how much he just loves getting possessed.

But the rest of the world has bigger things to worry about, like Russell Edgington. He's back and badder than ever, showing up uninvited to a human gathering where he tries to suck everyone dry. Plus, is Bill switching sides to the Sanguinistas? He certainly seems like it after a pretty short but frightening scene of him towards the end. Well, that and the panel hinted at it.

Watch the Comic-Con 2012 'True Blood' trailer below and see if you can spot anymore details your just aching to see in action. Plus, get more details about season 5 from our review of the panel.