To date, we haven't seen much from 'Pacific Rim' and Guillermo del Toro wants to keep it that way. He had some footage to show the Comic-Con 2012 audience but said he has no plans for that footage to go public and that after Comic-Con, the film will go into radio silence until 2013. And that's too bad for everyone who wasn't there because 'Pacific Rim' knocked the socks off of Hall H.

Though the film only wrapped a few weeks ago, del Toro and crew specifically cut together a trailer to introduce the world to audiences.

Guillermo calls the movie an adventure movie with a romantic sense of adventure. To fight back against an onslaught of giant monsters are 25-story robots controlled by two pilots - each controlling one hemisphere of the robot's brain with their movements (Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi are the main co-pilots who team up in the film).  Early in the footage we see a giant monster attacking the Golden Gate Bridge and the United States mobilizing its efforts to fight back. Idris Elba is giving a rousing speech to the troops and says "We're canceling the apocalypse!" There are quick shots of giant robots being put together and later dropped into the Pacific Ocean and the money shot of the footage featured a giant robot battling a giant monster.

That may not sound like much but the trailer was massive in scope with some truly impressive visuals, even more so than you would imagine from a movie about giant robots and giant monsters fighting. As Guillermo himself put it, it's "obscene robot porn."  The world might not be ready for what Guillermo has in store for audiences next summer. It's a big budget kaiju movie, the likes of which have never been seen before.

The film features nine monsters (including sea monsters and flying monsters) and approximately six or seven robots, each designed 25 stories high. To create each, del Toro worked with a set of animators and designers, narrowing the selections down from about 50 possibilities. Most importantly for him, del Toro said he wanted the robots to move like robots, not like humans so his one edict was "no f---ing motion capture." Instead he worked with the animators to design the creatures from inside-out, including all the anatomy of the robots and the monsters. Each will have their own separate weapons, personalities and fighting styles - some classics and some new things you wouldn't expect.

It's a surprising addition to the films you won't want to miss in 2013 and absolutely one of the pleasant surprises of Comic-Con 2012.

'Pacific Rim' hits theaters on July 13, 2013.