Long before DC Comics had its own cinematic universe — or Marvel had one, for that matter — Keanu Reeves starred in Constantine, based on DC and Vertigo comics magical superhero. The movie wasn’t really a hit with critics — it’s got a 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes — or with audiences (it grossed a so-so $230 million worldwide against a reported $100 million budget).

But then a strange thing happened. People fell in love with Constantine. Through the years, the film became a cult hit, and one of Keanu’s most popular movies. (At least among people on the internet who like to talk about Keanu Reeves movies, which is a specialized group, I admit.) When asked which of his movies, he’d like to return to, he often mentioned Constantine — and even revealed in December of last year that he’d actually tried to get a sequel off the ground, but that Warner Bros. wouldn’t go for it.

Well, they finally went for it. Deadline says that Warner Bros. is going to “develop” a Constantine sequel starring Keanu Reeves, with the original film’s director and writer, Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman, both involved as director and writer again.

It’s a very surprising turn of events, particularly since just a few months ago, Keanu was moping on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert over the fact that he couldn’t get the movie to happen. Remember folks: Never underestimate the power of looking sad on the national airwaves.

No word on when we might see Constantine 2, but apparently — 17 years after the original movie came and went — it is now in the works. What a world.

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