Wonderful as it was having Larry David grace our TVs this past season of SNL, fans will always fall back on the hope for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm down the line. The creator’s HBO invitation remains open, but according to star and comedian J.B. Smoove, David might be actively thinking about a return to his HBO comedy at long last.

Take this with a grain of salt for now, but Smoove dropped by The Rich Eisen Show this week (h/t/ Vulture) and reported back a recent conversation with the Seinfeld creator, first joking that he calls every few weeks to check on Larry, but then that David had in mind some new Curb Your Enthusiasm ideas:

He starts off with his little, ‘Ehhhhh, you know, I’m thinking about coming back.’ But see, that’s great because he has not said no, which puts us in a great position for possibilities … that means it’s still going. If Larry does not say no, there’s a possibility he may say yes. And then he went extra. He said, ‘If I do come back, would you be available?’ I said, ‘You know something Larry, I’ll be available. just call me, give me early notice, and I’ll be there.’

Previously, star Jeff Garlin gave slightly better than 50/50 odds Curb would return), while reports last year claimed Curb Season 8 writer and The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer met with David to discuss a possible Curb movie, if not a new season. David himself said in 2014 that a ninth season was unlikely, but then again, time spent with SNL might have created some new inspiration.

More Curb Your Enthusiasm would certainly offer a boon to HBO’s current lineup, but are we setting ourselves up for more heartbreak?

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