Danny McBride and Jody Hill’s HBO Vice Principals may have gone too soon, but we won’t wait long for the next chapter. A new interview sees McBride teasing that their next HBO series might film as early as this year, completing their “misunderstood angry man trilogy.”

The Eastbound & Down creator sat down with Rolling Stone to reveal first details of his next HBO collaboration, which will likely follow Vice Principals with a set number of episodes. The actor-comedian (and Halloween revival writer) has made mention of a third HBO project with co-creator Jody Hill and executive producer David Gordon Green before, but now suggests the project will start shooting as early as 2018. Speaking in December, McBride offered:

Jody and I are getting ready to do another show for HBO now – this is sort of our misunderstood angry man trilogy: Vice Principals, Eastbound and now we have this third one we’re going to shoot next year. It’s very much inspired by British comedy and Seventies cinema, these character pieces where they wouldn’t wrap themselves up in neat bows – like the ending of Five Easy Pieces.

Should the project end up filming in 2018, there’s no immediate guarantee we’d see a first look until 2019 or 2020. Vice Principals began photography in 2015 and shot all eighteen episodes continually, the final nine of which didn’t make it to air until late 2017. Stay tuned for the latest details of McBride and Hill’s next HBO comedy in the meantime.

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