Considering just how well 'Eastbound and Down' ended, it was only a matter of time before Danny McBride and Jody Hill came back to HBO with another series. And lo and behold, that series has been announced. The duo that created the amazing monstrosity known as Kenny Powers will return to the small screen with 'Vice Principals.' Yep, Hill and McBride's style of acidic, mean and pitch black comedy will now be applied to the depraved world of high school.

Although HBO has yet to announce a premiere date, the official press release says that the series will run a total of 18 episodes. If they follow the 'Eastbound and Down' format (and we imagine they will), that will mean three seasons of six episodes each. In addition to Hill and McBride, their frequent collaborator David Gordon Green is on board in an executive producer role.

Additional details are scarce, but all you have to say is "Danny McBride plays a vice principal in a high school" and you have our attention. To quote HBO president Michael Lombardo:

Danny McBride and Jody Hill have created a smart, rowdy and unpredictable style of comedy that we can’t get enough of. The idea of them setting their minds on high school was irresistible.

It'll be tough for McBride and Hill to create a character as memorably and hilariously awful as Kenny Powers, but we hope they go for it. The American education system is ripe for skewering and there are few things funnier than McBride being cruel to kids. Hopefully, the supporting cast of 'Vice Principals' will be as strong as that of 'Eastbound and Down' -- you can only have so much "Danny McBride is a total jerk" without having a few sympathetic faces around.

We have no idea when we'll get the chance to see 'Vice Principals,' but it can't come soon enough. We have a big Kenny Powers-shaped hole in our soul that need to be filled. This should do nicely.