There’s a long road between here and Marvel’s Netflix Defenders, let alone a third season of Daredevil, but one has to wonder how the Man Without Fear fares under a team dynamic. Even better, Charlie Cox teases that Matt Murdock will come out of The Defenders a changed man, picking up a few team lessons as he heads into Season 3.

Daredevil himself teased the changes to Matt’s outlook, as Charlie Cox spoke at a Wizard World Chicago panel (via MCU Exchange) over the weekend. It stands to reason that Matt will need a crash course in teamwork for The Defenders (by the sounds of the teaser, Stick will help him make that adjustment), but Matt will definitely take those lessons into Daredevil Season 3:

He can’t do all this alone. And that’s to say maybe some teamwork – He’s actually going to relinquish [some responsibility]. So whatever lessons he learns in The Defenders will then play into I think season three.

That said, Daredevil Season 3 has a less visible timeline than Jessica Jones Season 2, which was said to shoot back-to-back with The Defenders. More teamwork could also mean that Daredevil calls on a few of his famous friends for whatever threat Season 3 poses, perhaps even his old friend Frank Castle.

We’ve heard Charlie Cox’s thoughts on Daredevil Season 3 before (Bullseye, y’all!), but what should we expect from the Man Without Fear’s third run? Watch the latest teasers below.

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