Anyone boarding DC’s TV train over the last few months may have been drawn by the superhero syndicate’s streaming options, whether Arrow, The Flash or Gotham’s Netflix presence or beyond. That said, the comic company may opt for some major alterations to its availability, leaving some viewers waiting a year or more for the latest seasons.

This past week, Time Warner (and thereby DC ownership) executive Jeff Bewkes spoke to reporters of some internal dissatisfaction with DC TV series, suggesting that a longer streaming window might aid in building live ratings, and allowing more available past episodes to TV providers. Shows like Arrow and The Flash placed their entire seasons within Netflix stock shortly before their newest season premieres, while analyst Anthony DiClemente of Nomura Securities says (Via the New York Times):

Some of the media executives are looking at Netflix as a digital distributor who has gained too much power. They are thinking, look, maybe we should keep our most valuable content inside the traditional pay TV ecosystem, which is the golden goose.

Granted, delayed streaming windows would likely allow more than five past episodes available to direct cable subscribers, are Time Warner or DC better off licensing shows to Netflix before Season premieres? Are Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl or more better served by a streaming option?

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