If you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX this past weekend (and, judging by the amount of money it made, that seems likely), you saw an exclusive new promo trailer for Deadpool. While it was light on new footage from the movie, it did include a lot of what Deadpool does best, talking directly to the audience.

To promote Deadpool in IMAX, Fox had Ryan Reynolds film a special trailer to run with Star Wars only in IMAX theaters. Deadpool uses a chimichanga analogy to describe how much better IMAX is than a normal movie. Whether it is or isn’t is up to you, but Deadpool certainly seems to think it’s an upgrade. Considering how much money he stands to make from people paying for IMAX tickets though, he doesn’t seem to be an impartial source.

What’s interesting about Star Wars and Deadpool, is that Deadpool may be the first film to beat Star Wars at the box-office and it’s over a month away. There aren’t many films between now and February 12 when Deadpool opens in theaters that could beat Star Wars, though Kung-Fu Panda 3 has a chance at the end of January.

If this trailer isn’t enough, you’ll get another full trailer later this month with lots of actual movie footage. And we’ve also included below, the brand new IMAX poster for Deadpool, complete with illustrated Stan Lee.