If you were hoping that the kind, generous souls at 20th Century Fox might officially release that Deadpool footage from Comic-Con, you should probably keep holding your breath. But we do have some good news: the first official Deadpool trailer will arrive in three weeks, according to Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds tweeted the following earlier today, and although he doesn’t explicitly say the word “trailer,” it doesn’t take a math genius to solve the equation:

There are various possible reasons for why Fox won’t release the Comic-Con footage, including unfinished effects and rights issues, but at least we’ll get something official very soon. Why three weeks? Because that’s when Fantastic Four hits theaters, which would be the right time and place for Fox to put the first footage out there. It also adds incentive for fans who were on the fence about seeing Fantastic Four. In addition, Fox could release a green band trailer with Fantastic Four in theaters, followed by a red band version online the following Monday.

That’s obviously just speculation, but it would be a smart move for the studio — encourage fans to see Fantastic Four, reward them on Monday with a better trailer.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016. Fantastic Four arrives on August 7.